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The Nigeria-Brazil Sports School (NBSS), is the Sporting Arm of our organization. With headquarters in Brazil and training base at the Redemption Camp, Lagos- Expressway. Coordinated by Mr. Paul O. Bankole, the Director of Sports of RCCG.

The Academy is in partnership with the Cruzeiro Sport Club – Cruzeiro Esporte Clube in order to provide a base – framework- for international cooperation in football environment mainly in the area of Education for young players. Our young footballers will be on tour to Brazil in January, 2105 participating in tournaments in Cruzeiro Sports Club in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The NBSS operates the following departments:

  1. 11 a-side futebol, with Futebol de Salao (FUTSAL), Foot Volei and Goal keeping as sub-units.
  2. Volley ball.
  3. Basketball.
  4. Boxing.
  5. Athletics.
  6. Table Tennis.
  7. Cycling.
  8. Martial Arts.

There are also departments for training in Sports Science, Sport Administration, Management and Sports Business. And departments for the training of Trainers and Coaches (T.O.T/C.). All our members have the opportunity of learning the Brazilian Portuguese language.



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