Nigerian Culture and School

Our organization through the intermediary of the Yoruba Institute for Arts and Culture, its cultural arm, teaches children and School teachers issues related to African and Afro-Brazilian Culture and Arts – African literature, painting, singing, theater, dance, percussion and photography – through workshops in order to present, discuss and carry out the theme of Nigerian culture as an important element of Brazilian national identity and cultural formation. This program has as its main objective preservation of cultural heritage of immaterial nature.

Thus we aimed at
• Empowering students and teachers to teach art as an instrument of conquest of citizenship;
• Enable the perception of the different manifestations of the contemporary arts of Nigeria, African-Brazilian and the Diaspora;
• Implement the Brazilian Decree 10,639 which makes the teaching of African Culture compulsory for schoolchildren;
• Contribute to the exchange of experiences between African and Brazilian artists who have Africa in their research subject, inspiration and knowledge production.

  We receive more than 4000 students from State and Local government schools yearly.

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